The Pentecost – Holy Rollers Fools and Religion Or a renaissance of faith?

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Amy fun, full of laughter and love, and always ready to deal with difficult negotiations religion, society, politics, literature or whatever the subject may be. Read widely, stay informed, and enjoys the intellectual retort. He is also listening comprehension and speaking warmly instead argues the religious ideals and principles that may differ from others. Amy, Virginia, the home of Thomas Jefferson, who advocated reason as the path of truth. How Amy will be followed by a Pentecostal pastor and congregation Natchitoches, Louisiana? I went to find out.

First, a little history. Many churches today, both Protestant and Catholic, a charismatic arm, a segment that believes in a demonstrative form of worship, as opposed to traditional ceremonies, which many Christians recognize.

These charismatic people can be seen shouting, clapping, swaying, and loud, so that it must be regarded as crude or rude to other circles, but for them the way to the feeling of faith and immersed in the joy of it . These are the people who openly show their faith seriously and gaiety. In fact, they are not afraid to "make a joyful noise." They speak of miracles, both physical and spiritual, healing, hearing and seeing visions and the ability to cure the ills of the body, literally. Some argue that these very charismatic "extra-biblical" in that they go beyond the words to the individual buying and expression of the Holy Spirit. Others see them as an energizing force facilitates spiritual renaissance. But whatever they are growing and making a difference in the various congregations.

The Pentecost the "original" or "classic" charismatic belief and behavior; and their historical development can be seen as the basis for the practice of the majority groups. According to most authorities, the "classical Pentecostal movement" began in the early 20th century. The motion highlighted the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The evidence of this baptism was speaking in the language indicates that the spiritual gifts were received. This belief and practice that caused the removal of the mainstream Pentecostal churches. Consequently established under their own churches became known Pentecostal Holiness Church of God congregations in the United Pentecostal Church, the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and the Church of God in Christ. Famous people like Aimee Semple McPherson and Sarah Palin was part of this religious group.

According to Reverend Whitehead in Natchitoches & # 39; Fountain of Life Church, the Pentecostal movement in the early 20th century was a renewal of what was recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, and in what was an early Christian belief and behavior. Speaking in tongues was a witness to the infusion of the Holy Spirit is part of the worship service response throughout the centuries of Christian practice and simply became particularly pronounced, and secured the 1900 & # 39; s. Pentecostal faith, prayer, fasting and abstinence, but unlike some mainstream groups can not set aside a special occasion, such as the practice of Lent. They emphasize modesty dress and behavior that women can not wear pants, do not wear clothes like men, according to the Reverend Whitehead. No one, however, is that vow of poverty and that everything in the church. Pentecostal believe that people should prosper, accountable for everything and live life to the gospel. They also believe in full immersion baptism, which is like a death, it represented the rebirth of the Holy Spirit.

Reverend Whitehead and I have discussed the current debate about religion and politics. He said that he encouraged Church members to vote, but do not tell them how to vote. Although not a biblical admonition against preachers find a political officer who believes that it is very difficult to be a preacher, a politician, because the tasks and responsibilities that are unique. You see, the Ministry of the caller, as opposed to the occupation, but notes that it is important to know and understand the Bible, Reverend Whitehead, well-spoken and read widely, the opposition of certain stereotypes Pentecostal minister and the herd. She has been teaching for three years at Bible College in Texas, but spoke of the ongoing study of life experience, and a 40-year-old pastor.

The Pentecost are Christ-centered, because reading the Bible, and the Reverend Whitehead is the most important message would be: "Jesus is God, and if not save me, to be honest, although it is the dominant faith on the basis of the world is a major challenge scriptures and recognize that honesty is not the way to salvation "

So that amount of Pentecostalism.. the style of worship, some see as different but coherent and consistent appearance and the faith and dignity and respect. The style of worship may seem dramatic and different to some, but to enter the Catholic Church, you & # 39; ve raised Mormon and the & # 39; You'll find that different. Much depends on the culture and beliefs to what comes when you look to someone else & # 39; s religion. There are people who come to the religions that others believe they are fools, fools of themselves does not allow for individual differences and do not understand that these people are also honest, caring and intelligent man. — As Amy and her minister.

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