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When the game Cricket in India leading the way, the national game Hockey lagging miles behind. The passion among the people shown in the game matches that are hosted in India. Thus, they say, more often than that achieved in the state of cricket in India religion of millions of followers of the loan. The fan base goes beyond all cultural and religious barriers in the country. People are so passionate about the game, it is almost impossible for a neutral cricket spectators to come and enjoy the game. The crowd begins to fill the stadium on match day 5 hours.

The different versions of the game have their own followers and twenty-one day matches with 20 youth and the test is the same as the enthusiastic lovers of the game. The game, which is played mainly 8-10 nations rage in the Indian sub-continent of India leading the way. People follow their favorite cricketers closely and even events in their lives becomes a moment of News top story. It may be interesting to the sports fraternity across the world so that the pages of such a game is one of the richest in the world. For example, the BCCI (Board and Cricket Control in India) in the world's richest football clubs and leaving the top of the game, which is played in almost every country in the world.

Thus it is quite natural that people know how to create a success story in a game that is played only a small number of nations, some of which are still developing economies. But it will be an eye opener and the followers of the game that very few viewers to come to witness the local or club level match, so you can discover only international matches. Most of them turn out the match where the home team is playing and see the home team won. There is quite a lot of time when India lose the match and the stadium had to be evacuated because there was no uproar from the crowd and throwing bottles of the opponents. There is maddening after winning ceremony after the game and burned effigies of players losing a game. Thus raises the fundamental question of whether we Indians really love the game of cricket?

If the Indians really appreciate the game, you do not have plenty of local inhabitants matches at club level and standard of these games can be higher. Unfortunately, this is not the case in India. It & # 39; It s true that people are crazy, but they want to see India winning. They can not appreciate the finer things in the game even when his country winning in mind when you lose the game. It does not look that proper justification ardent cricket lovers in India, but the picture becomes crystal clear when we visit other countries and sports.

For example, the capacity of the stadium is full of people at club level is the same as in England and Australia, until the very end of the game. They appreciate a good shot even an opposing player & # 39; s team, which is just the opposite in India have a pin drop silence even when the opposition player hit a beautiful shot, or taken a crucial loophole. It extols when we get to witness other games like tennis. This is a common example is when people come together to appreciate a good play, not to support a particular player. There is quite a lot of situations when the Swiss maestro Roger Federer ace cheered his shot is way more British Andy Murray's Wimbledon. The game of cricket, ironically, is facing tough competition in its various versions, such as One Day Cricket Twenty20 matches during the Test threatening threatens them.

So if Cricket its ambitions in the global game, then the front desk to get a little more serious in a country like India, which is the largest after the game. Otherwise, the BCCI will be a temporary success story, and just about cashing the feelings of the masses. They will be to support the grass roots level of the game, then go to the next level with the introduction of this nation, which is completely new to the game.

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